We produce and sell hand-painted products made to order - blown glass and real blown hand-painted eggs.

These are hand-painted with a variety of different designs, scratched, glued engraved and perforated.

The company was founded in 1975 by Peter Priess, after development of the production line and product range followed numerous fairs and exhibitions abroad - USA Germany, Tokyo, Milan etc.

In 1997, shops were founded, first in Vienna, later opened in Salzburg.

This still exists today and is an institution known across all national borders which not only has an exclusive national and international reputation, but also attracts numerous onlookers to inspire design ideas in their own walls.

IIn the course of many years of hard work, the product range has been supplemented and expanded over the years and new ideas

have always been added and designed. Dorota Priess and Peter Priess - in the past also calendars Designers, known as draftsmen and artists, have constantly expanded their products, creating an incredible range of patterns and designs.

To this day, the products are being fine-tuned and worked on, the right colors sought and optimized, new decorations developed and further developed. In the meantime, after the takeover of the subsidiaries in 2017, the third generation is now working in the company.

A long-standing wonderful tradition that is constantly growing and has been developed with much love and commitment over many years.